Why is article marketing important for your business?



Article marketing is one of the most important ways of marketing your business online and website optimization. In the current dynamic world where information technology is the trend consumers rely on trusted information before making purchases and when looking for solutions to problems they may be facing. For that matter demand for plausible content is on the increase and the trend is going to be the same even in the future as many people are going online looking for information.

article marketing

For marketers there are a number of article marketing strategies you can use to implement your campaign. It is vital to assess the effectiveness of each strategy to achieve your goals. Other strategies are no longer in use as they are outdated.  If you have to use them carefully plan and critically evaluate to ensure they are still applicable in today`s online marketing.

When writing, articles marketers should make sure they are as informative as possible. It is believed that to gain the trust of readers you need to give away all your knowledge. As much as possible write authoritatively and be compelling to attract readers and conversions.

In any marketing campaign content it is vital because without credible communication between the prospect and the marketer buyers may not be able to know if the product or service is worth investing in or not. Shoppers go online to search for more information first before making any purchase. This is to get further assurance on the worthiness of investing in the products. They also want to compare products and prices before finally clicking on the buy button. One of the best ways of getting product information is by reading product reviews, customer ratings and testimonials, by critically evaluating the landing page or the sales copy and by reading some blogs on related topics.


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Why are press releases important for your business?



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A press release is a news account that communicates vital details of any event, service, person ceremony, or business.  It is usually in the third person and confined to about 400-500 words. The history of press releases started in 1906 when Ivy Iee wrote a piece of news to report a rail accident. The use of press releases has increased since then; these days it is the formal way of communication used by businesses to announce anything ostensibly newsworthy.  If used well, marketers are likely to gain a lot from press releases as follows:

Announcing a new product or service

Launching a new product is made as simple as drafting a press release and publishing it online. It is easy to get your news on major search engines and social media networks by using press release tools.  Journalists are out there hungry for news and so you will easily have your new product announced effectively.

Improving brand image

One way of improving brand image is being always in touch with clients and business partners. You can achieve this easily by publishing as many press releases as possible as they are easy to write and publish.

World Wide distribution of news

With the internet distribution of press releases, they’re instant and fast distribution of news. This is unlike in the past when you had no choice but sending press releases to journalists.  Today international businesses can make and send press releases through mails and social media to millions of people all over the world.

Portability and convenience

With numerous portable internet devices people many people are likely to be reached instantly with your press releases.

Viral possibilities

An online press release is likely to go viral if it interests people on social media who will share it in a number of social media networks and thus increasing visibility.

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What is the Importance of a Blog for your Social Media campaign?

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Blogging is one of the most important ways of social media marketing. Previously, a blog was regarded as an online diary or journal. Now it is the main source of online content accessible to the world. A blog covers a wide range of topics –from social awareness to business marketing. An effective blogger has to mix business with social awareness.
Attractive content in a blog creates a good response. The response and feedback works like a cycle. When somebody searches for a relevant topic, they get your blog. Whenever your blog is updated, the servers and online directories are notified.
The search engines utilize these directories whenever somebody searches a particular topic. So we can use keywords to make the blog friendlier to the search engines. As a business owner, we get associated with specific keywords, and people can find us easily. We get chances of improving our business very easily when the number of followers increases.
The informal style of blogging gives the customers a chance to interact with you. You are keeping your customers engaged in conversation. The blogger becomes more accessible to the customers. As a result of direct communication, we get to know the customers’ problems. The visitors can easily relate to the blog as their tone is more casual.
A blog can be used as a part of the website where updates are required on regular basis. Important announcements are made in the blog section. The updates do not disrupt the layout and content of the web page.
We can also share our experience and expertise in the blog space. We get to know people’s opinion and can equip ourselves better in the competitive market. Your blog empowers you to be your own boss. It also helps you to mix business with pleasure.

Are you Wrapped Up in a Web of Social Media?

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Like a spider’s web, professionals might become trapped within their social media web due to it either being a time-consuming compulsion or experts not possessing a plan and becoming wrapped up within the details. Individuals who understand sticky threads from safe threads are those who flourish within their social media marketing efforts. Below include 4 strategies to utilize to successfully and safely navigate out and in your web presence:


  1. Socialize: The important thing to bear in mind with social network websites is that they were made to SOCIALIZE and NETWORK. Successful networking will be performed upon an individual basis in order to build up connections. You sustain these connections by sharing and socializing your unique position and insight.


  1. Significance: Individuals wish to be inside the loop which is relevant to them. Individuals wish to understand what is going on, what is available, be involved within the conversation, relate to others, know what is happening, and much more. Be positive and share content you love.



  1. Balance: Have you ever logged onto your accounts, viewed your wall flooded by irrelevant posts by other people, then felt that sense of ‘Oh no, not you again!’ You should always put quality above quantity. Figure out that balance needed to keep from becoming unliked, unfollowed, ignored, etc. Figure out the sweet spot in between too little and too much. Be consistent about posting various items on different topics (that is, one photograph, one text, one link, etc.) in order to keep it fresh, as well as keep from inundating readers with one kind of post which is ignored easily.


  1. Focus:  It is possible to have lots of followers, as well as still possess no success within your efforts. It’s a result of concentration upon numbers; not upon quality involvement. The sum of individuals following you will be less critical than how you interact with them. Engaged audiences are active audiences which assist in spreading your message and credibility.

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Seven Ideas for Online Video Marketing Success

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A massive amount of marketing experts have recognized the helpfulness of video marketing within their marketing strategy. But, it isn’t only about recording videos and uploading them on the Internet, there must be a rhyme and reason to all actions that are included within the video marketing process. To assist you in understanding the intricacies of marketing utilizing audio-visual media I’ve put together 7 tips which may effectively help you begin a lucrative campaign for marketing:

1) Research: It’s vital that you research the market and understand it inside-out and that way, you’ll be within a position to create content which will reach the proper people and more importantly, impact them within the correct way. It’s additionally critical that you know the proper keywords to utilize to optimize the information in a way which easily makes it searchable on the Internet.

2) Get started: There’s definitely no reason to hamper the video marketing efforts and you may start with the simplest type of equipment like a computer that has a webcam. One fundamental instructional or introductory video may be the starting point and by doing so it’s possible to hone your talents.

3) Keep it simple and short: Watchers never wish to be overwhelmed with an overabundance of information at one go and for this purpose, it will be better that you keep videos to the point and brief. Maximum length four to five minutes is good, otherwise you might risk losing your audience’s attention. If your information is extremely lengthy make sure to break it down within a series of different videos. 4) Call to Action: Make sure that at the completion of all videos there’s a prompt which will spur watchers to make an effort to either purchase or test a product. Within video marketing the information ought to induce watchers to make a step toward more interaction with your product.

5) Link video to associated content: It’s recommended to develop associated content like e-newsletters, articles, social media posts, and blog posts which are linked to the videos to broaden the reach and scope of your content. It also should be linked to additional associated sites therefore broadening the reach.

6) Demonstrations: In order to ensure that prospective buyers know your product, it’s crucial that you create instruction videos which demonstrate how your product works or merely to outline its special qualities.

7) Streamline content: Video content ought to follow a structured format that won’t confuse the viewers. For example, the videos ought to be around the exact same length and if you possess signature graphics attempt to include it within all of the videos for consistency.